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Here at the AIT Center for Digital Safety & Security, we are aware that in this diverse world of countless emerging new cyber threats, 100% cyber security is an impossibility. But we can help businesses and administrations alike to enhance the resilience of their critical networks and IT infrastructures, and to protect their assets to the highest extent possible.

That’s why our scientists are working on leading-edge machine-learning technologies and solutions appropriate to serve the future cyber defence ecosystem in order to tackle cyber threats arising from the emergence of comprehensive ICT networks with their increasing interconnectedness and unclear attack surfaces. For example, AIT has developed Automatic Event Correlation for Incident Detection technology (AECID), a patented solution inspired by approaches from the domain of bio-informatics, to build up system behaviour models to understand relevant events and their interrelationships. Our self-learning solution for adaptive network log stream processing can help to detect, classify and cluster frequently occurring patterns in log files and events, and to eventually distinguish the known good from unknown malicious activities in the IT infrastructures of enterprises.