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Experience Measurement

Measurement of human experience in qualitative and quantitative ways constitutes one of the main cornerstones of experience research. We tackle experience from a factorial measurement as well as methodological viewpoint.

Relevant research in user experience as well as quality of experience has been developed in the last years. In this respect, the ability to acquire, process and understand experience-related data in a reliable, valid and objective fashion has become prerequisite for benchmarking and improving technology from an end-user perspective on scientific grounds. We investigate and offer a comprehensive framework towards multilevel/multifactor possibilities to measure experience as evident quality element in a variety of situations and under diverse technological constraints. Data driven (in sync with the current developments of big data research) insights into actual use, mapped to well understood quality factors (experience factors), is a big gain towards improvement and fine-grain optimization.

Based on the competencies in the group we stress the synergy of the experience research actively in a variety of domains and quality of experience research highly driven from the telecommunications sector. This includes research on experience factors such as overall factors models, enhancing the measurability of different experience factors for different application situations and includes questions of experience needs for specific contexts/phenomena/technological developments. We scale up approaches from the lab to the wild to cover different levels of complexity and duration as well as the coverage of actual and upcoming technologies (e.g. Augmented Reality). Effective digitization should not be hindered by qualitative problems on all levels of employment.