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Innovation Strategies

Innovation Strategies

How to manage innovations with future oriented strategies

Economic actors are faced with the challenge of remaining capable to strategically act in times of increased complexity and technological change: Although the future is not predictable, it can be shaped jointly by the relevant actors. The Center for Innovation Systems & Policy supports companies and organizations in overcoming technological challenges and actively shaping the future. We use a range of prospective, participatory and creative methods, which are combined in a tailor-made way for the respective questions and problems.

We offer our services to private and public organizations that develop long-term innovation strategies. In this way, we support players in assessing and reducing risks, identifying new business opportunities and delivering orientation. In cooperation with other AIT Centers, we bring in technological expertise in the fields of digitization, energy supply, urban development, mobility and health.

We possess and have access to a wide range of data infrastructures (e.g. patent databases, simulation tools), are integrated into international networks and can use the findings of international research projects for specific questions. As a non-university research institution, we are also able to act as a link between public and private actors and to moderate political and private interests.

With our innovative approaches, we have already been able to support both private and public clients and have therefore carried out projects, e.g. on the future of mobility, energy technologies, the use of materials and production technologies.

The foresight methods and processes we use are suitable for:

  • small, medium and large companies
  • interest groups
  • research institutions and competence centers
  • clusters and networks
  • Public institutions and non-profit organizations