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Experience Tools

Experience Tools

Methods and tools to increase experience

We develop a range of measurement tools, methods and frameworks that can be used to gauge the impact of new technologies and measure both the technical and experienced quality of digital applications, systems and infrastructures continuously at large scale and optimize end-user experience on behalf of predictive experience models.

In more and more industries, such assets (and the capabilities they enable) are becoming increasingly important, because with ongoing processes of digitization, the end-customer becomes the center of all business activities: customer intelligence, customer retention, customer lifetime value maximization, etc. have become cornerstones of any business that has a digital component.

Consequently, being able to measure, predict and optimize the experience of end users/customers of behalf of ground truth data is a growing need of companies offering digital products or services. Our Experts from Center for Technology Experience support you in developing the right tool for your technology, process or systems to optimize it and increase the possibility of a positive user experience.