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New Sensor Technologies

New Sensor Technologies

New Sensor Technologies

New Sensor Technologies focuses on the research and development of new approaches for intelligent sensor systems that combine - in comparison to conventional solutions - multiple sensor modalities with new technologies to guarantee a higher detection rate and a lower false alarm rate in the detection of safety and security-critical parameters and events.

The resulting systems and their new algorithmic approaches are being tested together with industrial partners for applications in the areas of "critical infrastructure protection", "Industry 4.0", "eHealth" and "Ambient Assisted Living".

Local situation awareness in real time for security forces in disaster and crisis missions

The focus of the SECURESCUE project is the real-time 3D 360° mapping of an area for disaster response using mobile exploration robots. The goal is to achieve fast situation and risk awareness to support the safe and efficient deployment of first responders.

Surveillance of railway tracks and highways using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS)

Fibre optic cables can be used as distributed acoustic sensors: light pulses inserted from one end are reflected if sound or pressure waves impinge on the cable at some point. By applying an interferometer, distance and time-dependent intensity information can be derived. In this way features can be computed and conclusions about the event drawn automatically in real time.

3D video-based analysis of human motion patterns in sleep

Sleep disorders such as insomnia, hypersomnia, the suspension of breathing at night (apnea), disturbed sleep patterns, disorders in REM sleep, involuntary motions such as periodic leg movements, night terrors, teeth grinding and talking during sleep affect around 20 to 30 percent of the population of western industrialised nations. This is a huge health problem. For this reason experts at AIT have developed a contactless measurement process with computer-assisted evaluation using 3D video detection and audio signals.