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Fleet Management and Connected Logistics

Solutions for route planning, vehicle routing and fleet management

Fleet Management and Connected Logistics


Efficiency and economy through appropriate mathematical modelling

With PLAN, the AIT combines top mathematical know-how with methods developed in-house and decades of research in the transport industry, in order to provide efficiency, economy and environmental compatibility in transport logistics, route planning and fleet management.

PLAN is your success plan

PLAN makes transport & fleet management and route planning more efficient, reduces costs, and also contributes to climate protection. Transport and logistics service providers, freight forwarders as well as courier services have the right PLAN for the future.

The better PLAN: your benefits

  • More accurate and cost-effective results 

  • Application-oriented recommendations, verifiable 

  • Dynamic calculation models, conditions 
can be simulated (e. g. fuel price) 

  • Multimodal view 

  • Various overall conditions taken into account 

PLAN – applied

  • Operative route planning 

  • Operative and strategic fleet management 

  • Optimisation of personnel plans and resource 
management (e.g. energy) 

  • Intermodal real-time planning 

  • Supply chain evaluation, 
redesign scenarios 

As a participant in the EU research project OPTIMUM, the AIT is working on the reduction of traffic volume through system-aware intermodal route planning.

Project EMILIA: Logistics concepts and electric vehicle components for clean and efficient urban transport logistics.




Developing strategies and concepts

In the three areas of transport logistics, fleet management and route planning, models are used to develop effective, environmentally friendly and economical concepts, to build strategies, and to plan decisions.

Analysis and optimisation

We analyse the upcoming decisions using optimisation methods. Suggested routes (shortest, fastest, most energy-efficient), vehicle types suitable for an application, potential transport restrictions or operational planning (strategic, tactical, operative) are determined.

Plan makes the right decisions

PLAN captures the ideal solutions, provides clear recommendations for route and fleet management and also considers unplanned incidents and events such as traffic jams or defective vehicles. We provide the most appropriate mathematical methods and tools for this purpose.

Plan revolutionises the entire transport system

Globalisation and online commerce are driving the demand for transport, and higher transport volume also means higher emissions. With PLAN, the AIT offers a means to counter this using the highest mathematical expertise. For our methods and tools, such as the FLEET system, we use traffic forecast information or real-time traffic data to calculate the perfect economical solutions for route planning.




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