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FAQ - Application & Hiring process

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the recruiting and interview process work?

  • Once the application documents have been submitted, we look at each application. Depending on the vacancies, our recruitment team might conduct a first round of phone interviews.
  • The gathered information will be forwarded to our team of experts who will have a second look at all the applications. Then, depending on the position level, a second and usually third interview will be organized directly by the Competence Unit or team that is responsible for the position. Depending on your location, interviews will be organized either online, or on-site, at our working locations.
    At AIT we prefer to involve our teams in the recruitment process to make sure that the team and the new colleague understand who they will be working with in future.

    You will typically be interviewed by your future supervisor, colleagues you will be working with in projects, and the head of department (Head of Competence Unit/Area). This allows us to gather multiple perspectives in the recruiting process, which strongly adds to a fair and well-informed decision process.
  • After reviewing all applications and once all interviews have been completed, the final decision will be made. We will inform you about the result as soon as we can.

How to apply at AIT?

We would kindly ask you to submit your application documents exclusively online, via our career portal. Due to GDPR policies, every candidate must agree to the data processing information, so that we can manage and process your application. If you would like us to keep your documents on file or to join our talent pool, then please also agree to the data processing agreement.

What does a complete application look like?

  • A clear and structured resume(CV)(PDF)
    • Please include interesting and relevant information about your previous projects, professional experience, or accomplishments.
    • You can also include personal websites or links to publications (especially for scientific positions) and/or projects you have been working on, either alone or in a team.
    • Make sure you also highlight workshops or self-development courses you have attended.
    • You can also let us know about your passions and hobbies. We want to get to know you better.
  • A cover letter (PDF), where you emphasize your motivation for joining AIT and why you are interested in a specific opening..
    If you send us your Unsolicited application it is important to first take a look at our research topics and Centers and to let us know which of these research fields or Centers you are particularly interested in and why. This information will help us to forward your profile to the appropriate teams.
  • Relevant certificates, employment references and/or reference letters
  • Transcript of records (especially for Master's theses, PhD theses and entry positions)
    When applying for an internship, please do not send us a transcript of records or certificates. Instead convince us with your motivation letter and one or two details in your CV.

What to do if I cannot find a suitable position in the job portal?

If you do not find any position that matches your criteria, qualifications, or interests, please send us your unsolicited application, consisting of CV, cover letter, transcript of records*, reference letters (if applicable). In order to stay up to date with our new opportunities, please follow us on LinkedIn or on Facebook. From time to time, you are encouraged to check our job portal, as new positions are added on a regular basis.

*For internship positions – Please DO NOT upload any transcript of records.

Can I apply for different positions?

Yes, however, please keep the following information in mind:

  • If you are applying to AIT for the first time, when you click on the “APPLY NOW” button you will be asked to create an applicant profile. (In this step, please upload your CV, cover letter, certificates, and reference letters, if applicable, ideally as a PDF).
  • If you apply for more positions at AIT, just select the desired opening and click on “APPLY NOW” and your application will be instantly submitted.
  • If you wish to upload a new cover letter for another position, however, please log into your initially created AIT profile.
    Then click on “My APPLICANT PROFILE” => “FILE ATTACHMENTS”. Here you can select “Cover Letter” under the document type. Then please attach your desired file.

Tip: To distinguish between cover letters for different positions, you can give them specific names, for example: “Cover_Letter_Name_of_the_Position”.

The only document for which you may only upload a single file is the CV. The CV cannot be deleted. If you upload a new one, the previous version will be overwritten.

Select “CV” under document type and upload your new file. Once finished, do not forget to click on “Attach file to applicant profile”.

I have applied a while ago but haven’t heard anything back. What should I do or whom should I contact?

If you would like to enquire about the status of your application, you can either email us at jobline(at)ait.ac.at or call our recruitment team at +43 50550-4013 oder +43 50550-4410.

Does AIT offer part-time positions?

Yes, we also offer part-time jobs.

What if there isn’t a part-time position advertised on AIT’s job portal?

If you are interested in a position that is not advertised as part-time, we still encourage you to apply.

We cannot promise you a part-time position in advance, but since our teams are continuously growing, there may be a chance to offer you a suitable position soon after your application.

If you do not find an interesting job posting now, send us an unsolicited application. Specify the number of hours you want to work part-time and the Center(s) or research topics you are most interested in. This will allow us to forward your application to the relevant colleagues.

I accidentally submitted my application before it was complete. What can I do?

In this case, please email us: jobline@ait.ac.at. We will deactivate your application, so that you can edit it before it is screened by our team of experts. Once you have finished editing your profile and you would like to submit your application, please email us at jobline@ait.ac.at so that we can forward it to our colleagues.

I submitted my application. Can I change / edit my documents afterwards?

Yes, you can edit your profile at any time by logging into your AIT profile. Go to the “File attachments” section where you can delete / upload new documents.

How can I change or upload a new CV?

Once the CV has been uploaded, it cannot be deleted as your profile must be constantly linked to a CV file.

If you would like to upload a new version of your CV, you need to overwrite the one already in the system. To do this, please login to your AIT candidate profile, click on "File Attachments" and then, under document type, select "CV". Here you can upload a new CV / overwrite your existing CV file. End the process by clicking “Attach to applicant profile”.

How can I withdraw my application?

If you would like to withdraw your application, please email us at: jobline@ait.ac.at. If you applied for several positions, please let us know if you would like to withdraw your application only for a specific position, or for all your open applications.

How can I delete my profile?

If you would like to permanently delete your profile, please email us at: jobline@ait.ac.at. Once we have deleted your profile, we will send you a notification by email.

What are the career opportunities in technical areas for recent graduates?

Recent graduates of STEM subjects may apply for entry level / junior positions or a PhD position. Depending on previous job experience, the next level (such as Research Engineer, Scientist) may also be a good match. After completing an apprenticeship or technical school, positions such as a technician in one of our laboratories may be of interest.

For more information, please check out our section: Career models & Career Paths.

I don't have a technical education – what options are available for me at AIT?

Our projects are interdisciplinary, which is why there are also tasks in the social sciences and humanities, for example at the Center for Innovation Systems & Policy and the Center for Technology Experience. Specialists in business management, econometrics and economics are highly sought after in the area of energy systems.

We also offer "typical" commercial/administrative positions in office management, marketing, controlling, finance, human resources or law. In these support functions, we provide the framework conditions for the projects of our research colleagues. If you cannot find a current job description, please send us your unsolicited application.

What are the career opportunities for professionals and experts?

If you have already gained previous experience, you may be interested in positions such as:

  • Research Engineer / Expert Advisor (m/f/d), Senior Research Engineer / Senior Expert Advisor (m/f/d)
  • Scientist (m/f/d), Senior Scientist (m/f/d) or Principal Scientist (m/f/d)
  • Technicians (m/f/d) or Senior Technicians (m/f/d)
  • Business Manager / Business Developer (m/f/d), Project Manager (m/f/d), Grant Application Manager (m/f/d) or in positions in these fields: Finance & Controlling, Accounting, HR, Legal, Purchasing & Logistics etc.

To find out more about your opportunities, read more about our career models.

What is the difference between the position of a Research Engineer (m/f/d) and a Scientist (m/f/d)?

  • Research Engineers focus on the development and implementation of technological tools, for e.g., software or hardware and methods, and perform more operative roles.
  • Scientists primarily focus on the areas of science and research, including publications and presentations at various conferences. They are responsible for identifying and addressing new scientific topics and implementing them in concrete research projects.

You could say: Scientists formulate scientific questions; Research Engineers find ways/tools/methods to answer them. Both collaborate closely in research projects. Additionally, we encourage our employees to switch from one career model to the other, providing flexibility and career variety.

What do the Research Engineer and Scientist profiles have in common?

In addition to their primary activities, depending on their career level, both are responsible for leading small to medium-sized and complex projects, and for project acquisition at national and international level. Both are visible to the outside world as experts in their field.

What are the opportunities for students?

  • Internships for students
    • Compulsory internships are addressed to all students enrolled at universities of applied sciences. You can apply throughout the entire academic year.
    • Internships during the semester are designed for students enrolled at general universities or universities of applied sciences.
    • Summer internships are offered to all students enrolled at general universities or universities of applied sciences. You can apply between January – end of March (by the latest).
  • Part-time jobs
  • Bachelor theses
  • Master theses
  • PhD positions, as part of our AIT PhD Programme.

What qualifies me for a student internship in Austria?

To be eligible for a student internship in Austria, you must be enrolled in a degree programme, either at an Austrian or international university (in Europe or outside Europe).

What is the minimum internship period for students?

A typical internship at AIT lasts between 1 month and 6 months.

Are international students encouraged to apply for internships at AIT?

Yes, we also accept applications from international students. Generally, we offer international internships via IAESTE or the Erasmus / Erasmus PLUS programme.

How & where to apply for a student internship?

All applications must be submitted online, via our job portal. Submissions via other channels, for example by email, social media platforms, SMS etc., cannot be accepted. All our current internship positions can be found on our AIT online job portal in the “Internship" section. If you do not find any specific internship advertisement that fits your profile, you can send us your open application for an internship.

Is previous work experience a prerequisite for a student internship?

We are aware that not all students have had the chance to gain work experience. However, depending on the project, deep knowledge in a specific field or knowledge of specific tools, technologies or programming languages may be required.

Are the internships paid?

Yes. At AIT we offer only paid internships. The remuneration depends on the level of your education (school, university).

Are there any special internship programmes for female students?

Yes. As part of the FEMtech-Programme, each year we offer a limited number of internships reserved exclusively for female students in scientific and technical fields.

What are the chances of receiving a job offer at AIT once I complete an internship or have written my final thesis at AIT?

Several current employees started out as interns or writing a thesis at AIT. They became a fan of AIT and applied research and decided to stay.

What qualifies me to apply for a Bachelor or a Master thesis position?

To be eligible for a bachelor’s or master’s thesis position, you must be enrolled in a bachelor or master study programme at a general university, a university of applied sciences in Austria, or at an international university.

Are bachelor's and master's thesis positions remunerated?

Remuneration and conditions (number of hours per week) are based on the current collective agreement and depend on the type of the thesis (Bachelor or Master thesis). In addition to numerous benefits*, you will also be part of our international YOUNG AIT Group which includes a large group of national and international students, interns, and PhD students.