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Experience Business Transformation

We combine scientifically based know-how with many years of market experience to take you and your company into the digital future.

Digitization means change - not only in technology, but also in the structures and thinking within an organization. In order to shape this change in a goal-oriented manner, we develop suitable strategies in our research field Experience Business Transformation that allow companies to establish forward-looking perspectives and models. Only a comprehensive experience strategy makes it possible to create lasting positive experiences for customers and users with digital solutions. We accompany companies in their transformation to a customer-centric enterprise. In addition to strategic anchoring, we also focus on the concrete implementation of the Future Digital Experience. The results always follow a clear business goal and support the success of the company.

Two areas are at the center of our research:

Business Innovation Experience

Business Innovation Experience is the foundation of the transformation strategy. Starting from different perspectives (technology, business, processes and people), efficient interfaces between users and technology are developed and new, digital ecosystems are created. The development of necessary models and tools as well as the accompanying change management are in the foreground of our work.

Future Digital Experience Worlds

Innovative digital technologies require new forms of interaction and userfriendly operating concepts. In our second core topic we focus on new forms of user interaction with technology and explore new interface paradigms for selected digital experience worlds. Our design solutions take into account the different requirements of the target groups as well as relevant success factors from an experience perspective (e.g. factors such as gamification or user confidence in the digital application).
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