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Power Electronics & System Components

power electronics & system development

Power Electronics & System Components covers the whole range of power electronics system development from development of novel solutions for the electricity grid, via specification and prototyping towards system test and validation and beyond. With successful collaborative research projects from emerging technologies (TRL 1) up to demonstration (TRL 9) we positioned ourselves as a reliable partner for industry.


An integrated approach is used to have always the whole system solution in mind when even working on power electronics controls and vice versa. This is managed by extensive use of virtualization and hardware-in-the-loop methods. Our laboratory infrastructure covering low, medium, and high voltage is optimized for research and development with ICT and power in mind. Power amplifiers enable any grid state needed for our research.​


With our virtualization concepts for development, test and validation we are able to increase the number of learning cycles while shortening the development time. This leads to a shorter time-to-market with a higher confidence level.​