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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Brand Identity

Our brand essence: ingenious partner

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology was set up to work as an Ingenious Partner, providing long-term support to national and international companies in their research efforts. The AIT’s objective is to help customers prepare themselves for the key challenges the industry will face in the future. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology enables customers to focus on their core business, while Europe’s most competent brains get to work on behalf of customers to develop the tools and technologies of tomorrow so that the solutions for the day after tomorrow can be implemented. The cornerstone of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology’s work is close and straight-forward collaboration in a pleasant working environment with outstanding scientists (”Customer Intimacy”) and maximum flexibility in the context of loyal partnerships. 

our values

Strategic Thinking

We aim to overcome discontinuity through:

  • profound knowledge of international research goals
  • knowledge of the needs and strategies of potential customers
  • shaping the latest technologies, tools and simulations.

Thus the researchers at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology make a key contribution to risk management in industry and the development of new markets.

Beyond Borders

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria's largest research and technology organisation of European format and represents Austria’s commitment to more research and to secure Austria’s position as a hotbed of innovation. Despite being deeply rooted in Austria, the AIT is also a major player internationally. Emphasising the quality of life in Austria will help attracting skilled labour.

Committed to Excellence

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology commits itself to excellence. The company's own high standards are manifested in the market appearance and is reflected in the quality of the services it provides. A high level of expertise leads to the best quality for our customers. Delivering a convincing performance becomes the driving force behind one's own actions.