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Power System Digitalisation

digitalization of electrical energy supply

The AIT Center for Energy positions itself as a competent partner in questions of digitalization of electrical energy supply. Digital innovations are investigated within the scope of cooperative research together with manufacturers, network operators and energy suppliers. Our strength is the precise knowledge of specific system requirements in the energy domain, and at the same time scientific competence in the field of the digital methods used, such as virtualization, digital twins, data analysis, Internet-of-Things technologies, ICT architectures, cyber security and co-simulation of ICT and power networks. We work on the further development of scientific methods and tools for automated development processes with a focus on validation methods for digital system solutions and new functionalities.

Our scientific basis is used in a wide range of applications in the field of infrastructure operation and energy supply. We provide our partners with a wide range of methods and algorithms - from innovative forecasting algorithms and optimization based on customer needs to the automated analysis of large amounts of data. Our system analyses enable us to ensure that the potential of innovative digital technologies is used optimally while at the same time guaranteeing system stability and security.

The experts at the AIT Center for Energy develop and validate interacting digital control solutions and products for energy systems of today and tomorrow.



Network Operators & Energy Service Providers

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