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Circular Building Solutions

Circular Building Solutions

Circular Building Solutions

Living and experiencing digitization in all life cycles of the building

We provide comprehensive support for building owners, planners and operators in all life cycle phases of a building. A digital image of the building (digital twin) is the starting point and central element for innovative energy and control concepts, cost-optimized design of energy systems, virtual commissioning tests (Controller-In-The-Loop CIL) and operational optimization based on measurement data (building analytics). We combine our methodical expert knowledge with many years of experience in the operation of buildings to develop the ideal solutions.


This unique, end-to-end model-based approach enables greater planning certainty, minimal investment costs for plant technology, and risk minimization during commissioning and operational management.

Cost-optimized design

Complex energy supply systems, the intersection of electricity and heat through the use of heat pumps, for example, and the consideration of life cycle costs make a manually created, cost-optimal design extremely complex and fraught with high uncertainties. AIT uses proven methods from industry and power plant technology to create cost-optimal overall solutions in buildings as well.

Innovative energy concepts

Complex thermal and electrical energy supply systems, the coupling of electricity and heat (e.g. heat pumps), decentralized energy generation and storage (e.g. photovoltaics and battery storage) under consideration of life cycle costs make cost-optimal planning particularly challenging. We draw on extensive expert knowledge from numerical optimization to solve this multi-layered challenge and develop cost-optimal, individual overall solutions for buildings.


Controller-In-The-Loop CIL

High time pressure, frequent changes in planning requirements and the separation of the building services/MSR departments are the cause of many errors in the control strategies of HVAC systems. At AIT's unique Digital Controller Test Bench, control strategies for building automation systems can be tested at an early stage of the project, problems can be identified and corrected (rapid prototyping) and control loops can be improved. This significantly shortens commissioning times, reduces problems during operation, increases user satisfaction and reduces costs.


Monitoring and operational optimization

Methods of intelligent measurement data processing (data analytics) and modeling (machine learning and artificial intelligence) allow operators of buildings, plants and components to provide data-based proof of the efficiency of their plants, early problem and error detection (for e.g. remote maintenance) and the derivation of improvement measures during operation.


Digital solutions

Building operators and manufacturers of energy technology systems and components (HVAC) are confronted with new requirements as well as opportunities in the context of digitalization. AIT supports these companies both in the development of digital product strategies and in the implementation of concrete solutions.