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Heat Pump Technologies

Heat Pump Technologies

Heat pump technologies

With its many years of research work, applied development, accredited testing and modern training methods, the AIT offers comprehensive know-how for manufacturers and installers of heat pumps - from room air conditioning to industrial processes.

AIT experts develop new, innovative methods, offer comprehensive services and use state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure to support heat pump manufacturers and installers from product development to accredited testing. Planners, developers and installers benefit from the AIT's many years of experience, intensive research work and further training courses.


AIT's range of services includes acoustic characterization of heat pumps, support in development and optimization, and accompanying scientific consulting. Specifically, AIT offers sound pressure and sound power determination, sound source localization, vibration measurements, the investigation of transient processes as well as measurements in the acoustically optimized climate chambers and fluidic investigations.

Technology development with alternative refrigerants

AIT is continuously researching refrigeration circuits with alternative refrigerants. Refrigerants with low GWP values such as HFOs (hydrofluoroolefin) and natural ones such as propane, butane and others are investigated. In addition, AIT is focusing research on optimizing the refrigeration circuit to increase efficiency on the one hand and reduce the amount of refrigerant on the other. AIT is developing new components for this purpose.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The innovative planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables an optimal integration of heat pumps, which will be a fixed component of buildings in the future. With many years of experience in heat pump research and building simulation using BIM, AIT supports and accompanies planning, construction and operation.


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