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Technology development with alternative refrigerants

Technology development with alternative refrigerants

Technology development with alternative refrigerants

AIT is constantly researching refrigeration circuits with alternative refrigerants. Among other things, performance data such as COP and heating capacity for low GWP refrigerants such as HFOs (hydrofluoroolefin) or natural refrigerants such as propane, butane and others are being investigated. In addition, AIT's research work focuses on the optimization of refrigerant circuits in order to increase efficiency on the one hand and reduce the amount of refrigerant on the other.  


Optimization of heat pumps and cooling circuits by numerical simulation

  • Physical modeling of refrigeration circuits and realistic representation of the plants in a suitable simulation environment, e.g. Dymola /Modelica
  • Variation of components such as compressor characteristics, refrigerants, heat exchangers etc. to determine the influence on the performance data of different design parameters.
  • Simulation of extreme operating conditions and system limits
  • Determining the refrigerant filling quantity

Optimization of heat pumps and refrigeration circuits through prototype testing

  • Design and construction of laboratory samples
  • Validation of the simulation models through laboratory measurements
  • Analysis and monitoring of demonstration plants

Your benefit

  • Increase the efficiency of your plants
  • Outlook on the performance of your refrigeration circuits with alternative refrigerants
  • Lower risk in the implementation of innovations



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