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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Surveillance & Protection

Today, huge amounts of data are generated by both camera networks and image sensors, but  industry often faces major problems in terms of interoperability of hardware and software systems as well as efficient and cost-effective data analysis. In order to meet this challenge, AIT has gained internationally recognized expertise in the field of research "Intelligent Cameras & Video Analytics" and cooperates with leading international chip manufacturers.

Research activities are concentrated in the focal points "Video Analytics", "Digital Identity Management" and "Development of Embedded Vision Systems".  An important objective in this context is, for example, the development of state-of-the-art technologies and systems for the protection of citizens when travelling and in public space. The processing of raw data into meaningful information, for which the development of intelligent image processing systems is necessary, plays a special role. The systems automatically transmit safety-relevant information to operators of infrastructures and industrial companies and thus provide an important basis for decision-making in the security context.

Research Services