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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

AIT Issues

Learn more about AIT research results and contributions in the topics Climate Care, Solutions for Industry/Intelligent Production and Let’s think sustainable at a glance in the AIT Issues. The AIT Issues are supplemented by the section Your Ingenious Partner, where AIT researchers are introduced to the topics, as well as the section Career Opportunities in Top Research, which is dedicated to all important information about careers at AIT.

Climate Care

AIT researchers research and develop carbon-neutral solutions in the areas of energy, mobility and the use of biological resources. They research measures for adaptation to climate change for industry and agriculture. Increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions have been a central focus for many years. A unique high-tech research infrastructure enables partners from science and industry to develop and optimize new methods together with AIT.

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Solutions for industry / intelligent production

Supporting domestic industry and Austria as a business location by developing and implementing new technologies and innovations is one of the core tasks of the AIT. This is done in close cooperation with partners from science and industry. The combination of high expertise in concrete applications and technologies with cross-sectoral system competence in conjunction with a research infrastructure that is competitive at the European level represents a particularly unique selling point. Thus, AIT plays in the league of the best and supports industry as an Ingenious Partner.

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Your Ingenious Partner

Another focus is on researchers who are among the top in their fields. This is evident from the high impact in scientific journals and the considerable number of EU research projects acquired. In AIT's seven centers, they tackle a wide range of relevant problems and develop concrete solutions. Currently, the AIT Group has a staff of around 1,400 people, who come from more than 40 countries. They form the basis for AIT's success and are essential Ingenious Partners for our customers in industry.

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Let’s think sustainable

The main focus and basic idea "Let's think sustainable" is reflected in the entire company. On the one hand, AIT's core business, research, is consistently oriented towards sustainability: Many research projects that AIT conducts together with partners in Austria, Europe and beyond run along the themes of the European Green Deal and EU missions - from adaptation to climate change to climate-neutral cities and the protection of natural resources. On the other hand, sustainability is a firmly integrated component in all areas of the company, such as human resources management, gender & diversity programs and compliance, which ensures adherence to important standards and rules.

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Career Opportunity Cutting-Edge Research

This section is dedicated to all important information about careers at the Austrian Institute of Technology. The AIT is Austria's largest research and technology organization and plays in the top league worldwide in many infrastructure topics, which opens up great opportunities for young researchers. Clear career models and paths provide excellent career opportunities for AIT employees. Among others, initiatives such as the PhD program or the Startup and Entrepreneurship program are present at AIT, offering talents the best conditions and stimulating supervision. This makes the institute a powerful development partner for industry and a top employer in the international science scene.

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