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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Your Ingenious Partner

Researchers at AIT are among the top in their fields. This is reflected, among other things, in the high impact in scientific journals and the large number of EU research projects acquired.

An essential basis for the success of the AIT is its highly trained and motivated staff. The AIT Group currently employs around 1,400 people. They come from well over 40 countries. The performance of AIT employees can be seen from the annual Scientific & Performance Indicators: The impact factor, which is a measure of the quality of scientific performance, rose to a record value of 1,348 in 2021 - both the number of publications in scientifically referenced journals and the impact factor per publication have increased significantly. At 33, the number of post-doctoral fellows at the AIT remains at a high level. The same applies to the number of patents granted (2021: 35).

Many Ingenious Partners who head AIT research groups are among the absolute leaders in their fields.

For example, microbiome researcher Angela Sessitsch coordinates many EU projects for healthy plants and food.

Electrical engineer Thomas Zemen is an expert in mobile communications and is leading a high-profile group researching intelligent systems and applications for the next generations of mobile communications, 5G and 6G.

Battery researcher Katja Fröhlich is working with international groups at the AIT Battery Lab to develop environmentally friendly manufacturing processes for batteries.

Automation expert Andreas Kugi is using artificial intelligence (AI) to develop completely new concepts for controlling machines and industrial processes.

Mobility researcher Anna Huditz and her team are looking into the sustainable and efficient design of the transportation system of the future.

Chemist Damian Cupid is looking for new materials for environmentally friendly, highly efficient and safe batteries of the future.

Data specialist Ross King is using artificial intelligence (AI) methods to track down fake news or fraudulent transactions on the Internet.