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Road Condition Monitoring & Optimized Asset Management

Road Condition Monitoring & Optimized Asset Management


Evaluation of road conditions using a high-performance mobile laboratory

The RoadSTAR high-performance measurement vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, satellite navigation and camera technology. It captures the most important road surface properties and layout parameters with the highest quality and accuracy – for better road safety and effective traffic infrastructure maintenance.


RoadSTAR: your benefits

  • Collection of all data in a single measurement run
  • No lane closing required, traffic flow remains unimpeded
  • State-of-the-art data acquisition with highest accuracy and reproducibility
  • Seamless digital representation of the road space through the camera system
  • The Applanix positioning system provides the highest accuracy for capturing road geometry and locating roadside objects

RoadSTAR, applied

  • Passenger car-relevant skid resistance measurements using the SRM (Stuttgarter Reibungsmesser) system for different braking conditions
  • 3D stereoscopic measurement of objects in road space
  • Capture of rut data over a lane width of 4 m
  • Detection of surface damage and cracks down to 1 mm of width

RoadSTAR has collected road data for ASFINAG and the Austrian federal states for over 20 years.



RoadSTAR captures numerous parameters in one high-precision measurement run

With a standard measuring speed of 60 km/h and without interfering with traffic, the RoadSTAR measures and locates all displayed road surface properties and roadside objects in a single pass using digital line scan and area scan cameras, laser scanners, and a high-precision, satellite-supported positioning system.

RoadSTAR can be utilised in a wide variety of ways

While RoadSTAR allows the monitoring of conditions across entire road networks, very specific and detailed measurements are equally possible. For that reason, RoadSTAR is used by infrastructure operators, public authorities, and automobile manufacturers & suppliers alike – providing support for maintenance management as well as traffic safety.

RoadSTAR captures high-quality data

The road infrastructure data collected by RoadSTAR is unmatched in Europe in terms of quality, resolution and coverage. It enables comprehensive analyses, such as investigations of the relationship between road conditions and accidents. The skid resistance measurement method used is one of the world’s best and sets RoadSTAR apart from other measurement systems.

Road maintenance requires effort and entails high costs. The limited financial resources available must therefore be used efficiently. Monitoring the road condition with the RoadSTAR provides you with the basis for making accurate and economical maintenance planning decisions.




Thanks to the objective, high-precision measurement data it collects, RoadSTAR makes an essential contribution to road safety. It determines the relevant road characteristics such as skid resistance and ruts and allows detailed accident analyses as well as planning rehabilitation measures for accident sites.


The AIT is a testing laboratory accredited by “Akkreditierung Austria” for testing road surface key parameters.


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