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Personal Health Systems

Personal Health Systems


We develop and provide advanced telehealth software services for disease prevention and chronic care management with a focus on non-communicable, chronic diseases with long duration and usually slow progression (heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, mental health, etc.).

With the core features of our Keep-In-Touch (KIT) software platform (https://kit.ait.ac.at), we address specific challenges of integrated care, prevention, geriatrics, functional healthcare and (tele)rehabilitation. We offer individual process and communication support for all relevant stakeholders such as caregivers, clinicians, specialists and general practitioners, therapists, nurses, relatives and empowering patients to self-manage their diseases and standardised interaction with existing IT networks.


Our modular and flexible telehealth software system has been developed in accordance with current standards and medical device regulations. It supports therapy pathways and treatment processes, including decision support modules that are certified as medical devices. We use standards-compliant interfaces and wireless communication technologies such as NFC and Bluetooth to interact with different types of sensor technologies. Our major customers are healthcare providers such as hospital associations, insurance companies and pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. To expand the value chain for the distribution of licensed AIT technology for routine use, AIT founded telbiomed GmbH in 2017 to serve the emerging digital health market in close collaboration.


As a flagship project, HerzMobil is the first telemedical treatment pathway in mainstream care that was fully supported by the KIT TeleHealth service, with the common goal of improving safety and quality of life for patients with heart failure. The fruitful and powerful cooperation with an interdisciplinary network of experts in various fields of medicine and health policy, especially in the establishment of a sustainable digital infrastructure, was a key factor here for the healthcare system of tomorrow.



KIT TeleHealth Software Service

  • Web-based data management system (Python, Django, SQL database)
  • Role-specific user dashboard
  • User management with hierarchical rights/role structure
  • Support interface for administrative data
  • Mobile client app compatible with smartphones and tablets with Android OS
  • Enhancements based on current R&D results and user feedback
  • Standardised connection of measuring devices (blood pressure monitor, scales, blood glucose monitor, pedometer, etc.)
  • Compatibility with standard ICT infrastructure in the health sector
  • CDA/HL7 report
  • Connection to Electronic Health Record (EHR) and ELGA in Austria
  • Export interface for studies, register evaluations and statistical analyses
  • Data protection and data security measures (DSGVO compliant)
  • Software lifecycle, security updates, troubleshooting and service recovery TeleHealth Equipment

KIT TeleHealth Equipment

  • Provision of pre-configured equipment sets for various indications (heart failure, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Equipment delivery and maintenance
  • HelpDesk
  • 1st level and 2nd level HelpDesk for customers and key users
  • Coordinators and trainers
  • Ticketing system with defined response time


  •     Support in the implementation of existing or new treatment pathway models and disease management programmes for integrated, cross-sectoral care with active patient participation.