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Innovation Systems & Digitalisation

The analysis of innovation systems and changing innovation patterns allows us to develop research and innovation strategies for RTI policy makers, knowledge-based organisations and research promotion agencies.

New innovation models such as open innovation, crowdsourcing, business model innovation or frugal innovation as well as the increasing internationalisation of R&D are indicators for the ongoing change of the innovation process. Based on an analysis of the innovation and investment behaviour of different actors of the innovation systems and the possible impacts for economy and society, we deliver the base for the development of effective strategies to exploit the opportunities of new forms of innovation. 

The innovation systems approach delivers the framework for investigating the technological change and the transformation of industrial sectors and allows the development of strategies to support transitions. Amongst others we are interested in sectors such as information and communication technologies (ICT), knowledge-intensive services, machinery and the automotive industry. Furthermore, the role of universities and research organisations within innovation systems and different mechanisms for knowledge transfer is examined. 

We study the consequences of the transformation of research and innovation processes due to new forms of knowledge production between academia and industry, the internationalisation of research and development, social innovation, and open innovation. 

The analysis of innovation systems and new forms of research and innovation has a strong empirical focus: We apply a range of different methods such as surveys, case studies and the analysis of innovation indicators which are combined within the projects. 

For the development of strategies to support the definition of research priorities we use methods such as roadmapping and patent analysis, R&D and innovation activities are increasingly financed and controlled by indicators, e.g. by Intellectual Capital reports. We design indicator-based systems for funding, controlling and reporting R&D and innovation.

Our Solutions