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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Ecologisation Seibersdorf

The onset of spring 2022 will see the start of an unusual project at the AIT location in Seibersdorf: Around eight hectares of green areas will become natural meadows, offering a future habitat for numerous native species of plants and insects. Fully in line with the strategic corporate orientation of AIT with its focus on decarbonisation and climate protection, the company will give nature full rein in designated areas, thus making a key contribution to the promotion of biological diversity and climate protection.

Less mowing and no artificial watering is ideal for the dry stonefield grassland typical of the region. It encourages plants such as wild sage, heath dandelion, carnation species and bedstraw to grow. Nature takes the time it needs—this year we can observe the first bloomers, and in the following years the green spaces will steadily gain in flowering splendour.

For our AIT employees at the Seibersdorf site, the flowering green spaces can be used as rest and recreation zones and are an opportunity to enjoy nature at the workplace. Respectful, careful treatment of flora and fauna is a prerequisite for this.

Sustainability and the responsible use of resources are part of our self-image and are reflected in all areas—from the AIT research focus on decarbonisation solutions and sustainable procurement to environmentally and resource-friendly building and laboratory development. The "Ecologisation Seibersdorf" project is the first significant step towards more climate protection through biodiversity at the company locations themselves.

Every area counts: With the green spaces in Seibersdorf, we at AIT are part of a regional network of valuable natural areas (currently 144 hectares in 25 municipalities) in the Thermenlinie-Wienerwald-Wiener Becken region. The professional partner in project implementation is the Thermenlinie-Wienerwald-Wiener Becken landscape conservation association.

Once a quarter, the Landschaftspflegeverein (Landscape Conservation Association) Thermenlinie-Wienerwald-Wiener Becken visits the meadow in Seibersdorf. The experts assess how the ecologisation is progressing and which new animal and plant species have found a new home.