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Entrepreneurship at AIT

From Research into Practice


What is Entrepreneurship at AIT?

AIT is committed to excellent research and its implementation for the benefit of society. Following the vision of the owner, AIT creates economic and social value by founding spin-offs. 

AIT's entrepreneurship program aims to create spin-offs. These are considered early in the innovation cycle as one of the possible exploitation options for research and development results. The topic of entrepreneurship in general is positioned throughout the company and is included in the continuing education and PhD programs.  

Spin-off teams are comprehensively supported and supervised by internal and external experts. Special emphasis is placed on developing and addressing the business model, risks and challenges of the business idea in detail. Validation of the market and product hypotheses play a central role. 

The implementation of the spin-off program is agile and adapted to the requirements of the respective spin-off project. The applied methodologies, tools and procedures are continuously developed and established as best practice methods.    

In IPR licensing or transfer, particular emphasis is placed on striking a balance between safeguarding AIT's economic interests and legal obligations on the one hand and reaching start-up-friendly agreements on the other.


What has been founded so far? 

AIT has spun off a number of companies - get to know some of them:


Ensemo GmbH is a spin-off company from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH and was founded in March 2021. Ensemos's main purpose is to develop novel seed treatment technologies for the introduction of microorganisms or metabolites into plant seed, enabling the large-scale implementation of microbials in agriculture as biological alternatives to chemicals. During the first years, Ensemo will focus on developing a machine for the fully automated treatment mechanical introduction of microbials into seed of soy and maize (SeedJection) as well as on the identification of microbials with the potential to provide nitrogen and phosphorus to plants when applied via our technology.

"We have to change agriculture sustainably in order to meet the demands of the future. Seedjection is the way it will work."

Birgit Mitter – Co-Founder Ensemo


TELBIOMED offers a modular digital healthcare solution to support the therapy of chronically ill people. The system is as simple as efficient: The patient transmits his vital data via app to the attending physician or therapist, who monitors the development and implements therapy adjustments if necessary. Thanks to its modular design, the system can be adapted precisely to the requirements of individual chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure or hypertension - these are the so-called TBM SOLUTIONS.

"Telbiomed is a competent partner for the successful introduction and implementation of telehealth services from software service and equipment to helpdesk and consulting."

Peter Kastner – Co-Founder Telbiomed


CellEctric Biosciences GmbH has the technical capabilities to revolutionize sepsis diagnosis. Sepsis (blood poisoning) is a race against time; every hour that medical intervention is delayed, the risk of dying from the infection increases. The CellEctric technology is capable of accelerating the time to diagnosis by a factor of ten. This disruptive advantage is expected to pave the way for CellEctric's entry into the corresponding billion-dollar global market. The foundation of the CellEctric technology was laid in the Competence Unit Molecular Diagnostics of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH. After successful transfer of the technology and the team into the AIT spin-off in March 2021, we pursue the common goal of making CellEctric Biosciences a global market leader in electrodynamic cell manipulation.

"After successful transfer of the technology and the team into the AIT spin-off in March 2021, we pursue the common goal of making CellEctric Biosciences a global market leader in electrodynamic cell manipulation."

Klemens Wassermann – Co-Founder CellEctric

How do we support? 

In addition to a dedicated team for the development of the entrepreneurship program, internal and external mentors are involved in the support of startup candidates.

Great importance is attached to networking with the start-up ecosystem: AIT is integrated into existing start-up networks (incubators, accelerators, etc.), organizes or participates in hackathons and is in exchange or cooperation with industry incubators.

accent – The Tough Tech Incubator
supports projects that combine forward-looking technologies with "state of the art" science and technology.
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aws Austria Wirtschaftsservice 
offers consulting as well as startup and follow-up financing.
> aws website


located at IST Austria, provides seed funding for science and deep tech startups
> IST cube website

WU Entrepreneurship Centre
Experts for entrepreneurship training
> WU Entrepreneurship Centre website

Vienna´s Business Incubator for innovative research- or technology-based startups develops spin-offs from all research institutions in Vienna.
> INiTS website

Tecnet equity NÖ
offers consulting, training and coaching as well as direct equity investments
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