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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Well-Being & Work-Life Balance

No matter your phase of life, be it starting a new job, a family, moving to a new house or starting your new life in Austria, AIT would like to provide you with the appropriate support.

The basics

We aim at long-term, mutual engagement, and help our employees develop their professional careers within AIT.

The foundation of our employment contracts is the collective agreement for employees in non-university research. This entitles you to numerous benefits, some of them listed below.

AIT Works Council: The members of our Works Council actively represent the interests of our employees and offer advice on legal, social, cultural, and health-related matters. A number of the benefits listed on this page are provided and organized by our Works Council colleagues.

Health & mental wellbeing

  • In Austria, you will automatically have public health insurance coverage that gives you access to cost-free medical, dental and hospital treatment for yourself and, under special circumstances, also your family (spouse, children) living with you in Austria.
    Even though public healthcare is excellent in Austria, we also subsidize additional private health insurance for you and other family members who can participate in the private health insurance system.
  • To ensure your long-term well-being, our company doctors provide regular health checks, consultations and (partly free of charge) vaccinations at our main locations.
  • Mental health: Our AIT’s employee assistance programme, run by an external consultancy, offers free anonymous and individual advice and coaching on job-related topics as well as private matters for all permanent AIT employees and their relatives living in the same household. Our Works Council also organizes additional events related to well-being.

Special Benefits

  • In Austria, you receive two extra monthly salaries: 14 monthly salaries instead of 12. Please note, in our job ads you will see the total yearly gross income (which includes all 14 monthly salaries).
  • Employees’ social security contributions are deducted from gross salaries. This automatically covers free health insurance, unemployment insurance as well as pension insurance.
  • Additionally, AIT contributes to an additional pension fund and a severance pay scheme. Our Works Council organizes discount options which may include groceries, pharmacies, etc. as well as special benefits schemes (discount platform with offers from selected companies, restaurants, or sport facilities).

Additional holiday entitlement & days off for special occasions

  • In Austria, there are 5 weeks of paid vacation. In Europe, Austria is among the countries with many work-free public holidays.
    Moreover, at AIT we offer two extra work-free days (24th of December and 31st of December).
  • We offer additional days off for various life events like marriage, moving house or your child’s 1st day of school (first grade). The events and number of days off is described in detail in the collective agreement for employees in non-university research.

Work-Life Balance

  • The number of regular weekly working hours is 38.5 hours. We offer you the opportunity to organize your working hours individually based on our flexitime model - In this way you can choose according to individual preferences when you start and end your working day.
  • Flexi time models enable a better work-life balance. 
  • Depending on your role or position, we offer also home-office.

Family life

  • We know that no matter how passionate you are about your job, family is and will always be important. Therefore, in addition to generous Austrian parental leave options (up to two years), we support young families by offering fathers of newborns the option to take up to two paid “daddy weeks” within the first three months of the newborn’s life.
  • Instead, or after parental leave, you can choose to change from a full-time to a part-time position, in accordance with Austrian labor law.
  • Schools and kindergarten: Please note, public schooling and kindergarten are free in most of Austria (i.e., Vienna and Lower Austria).
  • Our Works Council offers a range of support for families. This may range from a “bonus” when marrying, to camps for children during school holidays or school start packages.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • At AIT every voice matters, regardless of cultural background or current position. Therefore, we carry out annual reviews with your manager and regular employee surveys to learn about your concerns and opinions. We take your feedback seriously.
  • We offer German courses for our emloyees, who do not speak German yet.
  • As diversity is important to us, we have several measures in place that support diversity and inclusion which are closely supervised and monitored by our Gender and Diversity Officer. Learn more here.
  • We offer specific gender & diversity trainings and host events and internal networking opportunities (AIT Women:Network and our Young AIT Network) We are also part of the Young European Associated Researchers Network.

Training & development programmes

The optimal development of talents and skills is of particular importance to us. We work at the forefront of technology development; hence our employees need to embrace ongoing learning.

  • Therefore, according to your career and development plans, we offer generous access to trainings designed to develop both your professional and inter-personal skills – regardless of whether you work full-time or part-time.
  • We support international mobility for research stays abroad at academic institutions or project partners.
  • For those interested in exploring their own business ideas, our entrepreneurship programme offers training and guidance.

Modern offices, state-of-the art laboratories & technologies

  • We love working in interdisciplinary teams, but we do not have large, “traditional” open space working areas. We have modern single-person offices and medium-sized offices (mostly max. four people) equipped with all the necessary infrastructure to provide you with the right working environment (analog and digital).
  • In addition, you will find areas designed for collaboration and others for relaxed communication with your colleagues.

Sports, Cultural & Social Events

Our team spirit is evident when we participate in sporting events together. The Sports & Culture AIT (SC AIT) association promotes and organizes sports, cultural events and socializing for its members at all AIT locations. In addition to this, we also organize social campaigns, for e.g. “Team-Christkind”

Meal allowance

Our main locations offer a canteen or a restaurant. If there is no restaurant, we provide other compensations described in company agreements.

Company events

  • We host the in-house ARTtec art programme, which highlights the many similarities between art, technology and science. Inspiring and unique exhibitions with international artists are held at our headquarters in Vienna.
  • And of course, we organize a variety of events for all employees, for e.g. at Christmas time or after-work events.