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Video Analytics

Protecting citizens is one of today’s biggest societal challenges. For this reason, airports, railway and subway stations and other public places are equipped with numerous cameras to enhance the security of people and infrastructure. In order to analyse the huge amount of video data generated, advanced visual surveillance systems have been developed which offer insights and facilitate the automatic extraction of security-relevant information for infrastructure operators and Legal Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

We combine multi-camera networks with advanced computer vision algorithms to develop innovative solutions for a broad range of surveillance applications; for border security, passenger facilitation, as well as the protection of critical infrastructures and business intelligence. Our research covers the whole processing chain, from image and video acquisition to several steps of analysis and information extraction, and right up to the user-friendly presentation of results. Our development is based on scalable and platform-independent service-oriented architectures which automatically extract temporal and spatial events from live and recorded video.

Our services

  • Design of vision algorithms and system concepts
  • Technological expertise, feasibility studies and proof of concepts
  • Prototypical implementations, demonstration and system verification

Our solutions