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Digital Identity Management

Today people want to move and travel freely as well as safely. Fast and secure access control, seamless border crossing, queue-less passenger checks at the airport and quick identification of individuals are the key to better security and convenience. We develop systems using novel technologies such as mobile contactless biometrics and stereo detection for person identification and access control.


Demo of Smartphone Application to register, verify and identify individuals just per a smartphone by fingerprint and facial biometrics:

The demo shows how to use a smartphone to capture the ID-Card (or passport) MRZ to register a person, capture a ICAO conform facial representation by a novel best shot method and capture fingerprints with a patented algorithm just on the smartphone. The demo further shows how to verify and identify a unknown individual by checking the biometrics in a database by fingerprints or by facial biometrics.


Based on our internationally recognized experience in the field of smart border control, and as a coordinator of major  EU-funded projects in this context (e.g. FastPass, MobilePass), we developed solutions and prototypes for identifying individuals on the move. We combine ingenious algorithms with 3D stereo data to create access control solutions ranging from low to high security applications. We implement contactless biometric solutions in mobile devices to ease the work of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and other safeguards. The new approach for the contactless capture of fingerprints using a mobile device enhances security, speeds up the border control process, and makes biometric verification less cumbersome to individuals and officials.


Our services

  • Solutions for smart intrusion detection and person separation (anti-tailgating, anti-piggybacking) in your specific application domain
  • Development of mobile devices for biometric identification tailored to your needs
  • Prototyping of embedded contactless biometric capture devices
  • Evaluation of biometric matching performances

Our solutions