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Next Generation Cryptography & Privacy

Cryptography is a key enabler of emerging applications from Industry 4.0 over autonomous driving to smart wearables. However, currently deployed cryptographic techniques (often dating back to the 80s and 90s) were not designed with today's heterogeneous challenges in mind.


Our groups aims at developing enhanced cryptographic mechanisms to overcome currently existing limitations, e.g., regarding long-term security and privacy (as demanded by the GDPR), fine-grained and versatile access to sensitive data, scalability and efficiency on resource-constrained devices, and outsourced computations on sensitive data.

Challenges/Key Questions

  • Design scalable cryptographic solutions with provable security guarantees
  • Design long-term secure cryptographic mechanisms in particular secure against quantum adversaries
  • Develop mechanisms enabling fine-grained and versatile sharing of sensitive data maintaining confidentiality and integrity
  • Ease GDPR compliance by developing privacy-enhancing technologies
  • Provide secure and efficient implementations for industry applications
  • Standardize novel cryptographic mechanisms for faster adoption and better interoperability


further material

CREDENTIAL Project H2020

This video introduces the main ambition of the H2020 project CREDENTIAL, an EU funded innovation action researching and developing secure and privacy-friendly solutions for data-sharing and identity management.


In this video we explain in simple words how the technology of “secret sharing” developed within PRISMACLOUD can help citizens to safely store and share their data in the cloud. A citizen can save an electronic document in the cloud, for example a photo, and this document will be transformed into multiple parts, where none of them will contain a single piece of information and these parts are then stored with different cloud providers. In that case none of the cloud providers has access to the document but only the authorized person. In case of fraud or a cloud provider crashes, citizens are not in danger and won’t be lost.  

PRISMACLOUD is a EU funded research project developing the next generation of cloud security technologies. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644962.