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Mobile assistant for individual and cross-transport mobility

AIT and partners develop prototype for the digital mobility assistant "MobiQuick"

What must a digital mobility assistant be able to do in order to provide all user groups with easy access to a wide range of future mobility services? Researchers from AIT have analysed trends in digitalisation and vehicle automation, developed a prototype and produced an innovative design guide.

The results from the research project "FX-Future eXperience" provide valid statements about possible future mobility behaviour and allow conclusions to be made about the expectations of new mobility offers. Based on these results, the project partners NOUSdigital, is-design, iDr Design and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (Center for Technology Experience and Center for Energy) have developed and tested a prototype for a mobile application called "MobiQuick" especially for the project. MobiQuick is a mobile assistant for mobility across transport systems in the near future. The app includes navigation systems for train, bus, underground, plane, shared ride etc., ticket purchases for public transport or rental modules for e-scooters. The project thus contributes to consistent mobility services across transport systems ("Mobility as a Service") and thus supports the reduction of motorised individual transport. In order to create a realistic, immersive experience of future mobility spaces, a virtual reality (VR) test environment was developed in the research project in conjunction with a traffic simulation.

Based on the evaluation and assessment of the usage experiences of test persons with the MobyQuick prototype, design guidelines for information and interaction designs were derived. The design guide describes in a comprehensible way how the findings from the usage evaluation were implemented. It also contains all the design and design research methods relevant to the project and their application. The guide thus provides valuable information for the user-friendly design of future mobility services, so that innovative mobility services become easily and simply accessible for all user groups.

The project was funded by the 9th call for proposals of the FFG programme "Mobility of the Future".

Further information:

FX Design Guide

AIT-Contact: Helmut Schrom-Feiertag