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Center for Technology Experience

The Center for Technology Experience deals with fundamental questions on the interaction between people and technology. We don’t just use technology, we live with it. Much more deeply than ever before, dealing with technology involves us emotionally, intellectually, and sensually.

Based on interdisciplinary principles we investigate qualities, forms of interaction and new methods and tools. User experience research, experience driven innovation as well as new modalities of interaction have evolved into prominent and required building blocks towards future innovative and successful technologies, applications and services. The Center for Technology Experience supports public and private customers with the newest scientific approaches and methods to develop them.


Our Research Topics

Experience as a universal human concept covers everything personally encountered, undergone, or lived through. Optimization as well as exploitation of technology experience is crucial for future technological innovation and adoption. As a consequence of individualization, digitization, industrialization and lifestyle orientation, user experience is becoming a major paradigm in the industry as well as in research & technology development.

Specific application areas and application situations comprise specific interaction contexts, which lead to the concept of contextual experience. We very much look beyond the desktop and explore new forms of interaction in different contexts. An in-depth understanding of contextual characteristics and the focused orientation on future experience approaches are a prerequisite for mature application technologies. To create a solid basis of knowledge we investigate various means to deliver appropriate experiences.

Looking into the very essence of interaction at a more fundamental level is important to meet the application targets. Dealing with contextual experience calls for an extended set of contextual and situated methods. The primary goal is to capture the complexity of contextual experience during the entire cycle of experience-driven development and deliver major insights and approaches towards technology experience deployments.

Our Services & Solutions