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Mobility project "youth codes" nominated for the ÖGUT Environmental Award 2020


Great success for the project consortium around AIT, RDC (Research & Data Competence), FH Joanneum, Integral and tbw research: The project "youth codes" is nominated for the ÖGUT Environmental Award 2020 in the category "Participation".

The mobility turnaround needs the understanding and active participation of the young generation to bring about lasting behavioural changes. However, the topic of sustainability currently plays a rather subordinate role for many young people. Behavioural changes need an overall view and understanding of future scenarios in order to select those change options that correspond to the respective lifestyle and self-image. It is not enough to convey only partial aspects. With the project "youth codes - ways to change mobility from the youth perspective" the project consortium develops new mobility awareness strategies & peer learning approaches. These will be tested, discussed and evaluated with young people. The aim is to circulate new trends & ideas and to stimulate sustainable changes in behaviour and patterns of behaviour.

AIT project manager Karin Markvica: "With their mobility behaviour, young people and young adults make a significant contribution to achieving our climate goals in the long term. The 'youth codes' project enables us to cooperate and exchange ideas with the younger generation in order to promote the mobility transition through target-group-specific strategies, methods and tools. The ÖGUT nomination is a great success for the consortium under the leadership of Research & Data Competence and helps to focus more on the young generation.

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