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ici:microscopy wins Best Demo Award

AIT successfully presents its innovative inline 3D microscope for industrial quality inspection at the International Conference on Computer Vision 2023

AIT presented its latest technologies for optical quality inspection at this year's International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) in Paris. The High-Performance Vision Systems research group at the AIT Center for Vision, Automation & Control showcased its expertise in high-performance computer vision - especially in the field of demanding microscopic inspection tasks with high inspection speeds and difficult materials.

Under the title "Inline Microscopic 3D Shape Reconstruction", the AIT researchers presented the optical inline 3D inspection system ici:microscopy, which is designed for industrial quality inspection applications down to the microscopic range. The 3D microscope demonstrator was a crowd puller, impressing both conference attendees and the jury, and won the ICCV 2023 Best Demo Award.


The innovative approach of ici:microscopy is groundbreaking for industrial quality control and sets a new standard for precise and efficient 3D inspection at the micro level.


"ici:microscopy is the result of a research project in computer vision that aims to enable precise 3D reconstructions at the micro level for industrial inspection applications. Our system combines light field with photometric stereo to simultaneously capture detailed 3D surface structures and 2D object textures. The integration of light field and photometric stereo provides a holistic approach to 3D reconstruction," says Doris Antensteiner, explaining the development and underlying technology of the microscope. "We demonstrate various industrial 3D scanning scenarios using selected samples that are representative for challenging inspection objects, such as products with metallic and/or glossy surfaces, Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) and other electronic components, as well as banknotes as an example of security printing. These samples are placed on a translation stage in our demonstrator to simulate the movement of the object during inspection. The system scans the objects with a point-to-point distance of 700 nm and an inspection speed of up to 12 mm per second, which corresponds to 39 million 3D image points per second", Lukas Traxler on how ici:microscopy works. "Our in-line 3D surface inspection microscope can be used for microscopic inspection in various fields. It achieves a high degree of precision and efficiency in inspection processes and has a wide range of practical applications," adds Christian Kapeller.

All three scientists conduct research in the field of computer vision at the AIT Center for Vision, Automation & Control.

We congratulate them and the entire team on this outstanding achievement!