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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Fake-Shop Detector presented in ORF Konkret

Effective protection for consumers against fraud on the Internet
Helmut Leopold (AIT); Credit: ORF

Helmut Leopold (AIT); Credit: ORF

The AI-based tool was developed by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology together with the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (ÖIAT) and the IT service provider and Internet specialist X-Net (these projects have been funded by the Austrian security research programme KIRAS of the Federal Ministry of Finance - BMF), and has already been available for several months as a free download as a plug-in for the browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge. A variant for smartphones is currently being developed.  The special feature of the detector is its artificial intelligence, which has been trained to distinguish genuine online stores from fake stores on the basis of over 21,000 features. To ensure that the AI continues to deliver trustworthy results, its analysis results are regularly checked by (human) experts from ÖIAT's Watchlist Internet.

At the end of August, Bavaria's Minister of Justice Georg Eisenreich announced that a new cooperation with the AIT (Center for Digital Safety & Security) was underway to further develop the detector for use in law enforcement. After all, every tenth euro is now spent online. Criminals know this, too. Now the ORF visited the head of the AIT Center Helmut Leopold in Vienna to get an idea of the new AI solution.

Watch the current ORF report here

Further information: https://www.fakeshop.at/