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Artificial intelligence in process management


Building Information Modeling (BIM) Enthusiasts wanted for scientific study


Building-Information Modelling (BIM) has increasing relevance in the planning, construction and operation of buildings. Under which conditions do employees trust the „digital twin“. How can trustworthiness of data be visualized in a building model or process management system?

• You will try a novel process management system for process management of construction and renovation projects.

• We discuss opportunities and drawbacks, based on your practical experience.

• We discuss the preconditions for trust in BIM-based systems.

In return, you will receive a summary of the key results of our findings after the study has been carried out. A joint workshop is also being planned, in which you are welcome to participate.


WHO? Participants with experience in construction projects and interest in BIM-based systems

WHEN? Jänner 2021

DURATION? 1 Stunde

LOCATION? Web-Konferenz-Tool

For reasons of data protection, no personal data of the participants will be collected.


If you are interested, please contact::

Peter Fröhlich


This study is being conducted as part of the CALIBRaiTE project.

More about CALIBRaiTE