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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Tara Esterl takes up the position as Head of Competence Unit Integrated Energy Systems (IES)

Newly founded Competence Unit Integrated Energy Systems researches energy management aspects of the future power system

Since 1 January, Tara Esterl (33) is heading the newly founded Competence Unit Integrated Energy Systems in the Center for Energy at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. In her new position she is responsible for the strategic development of the research profile "Integrated Energy Systems" and the management of the newly founded unit. Esterl has been with the AIT for eight years and has worked primarily on the marketing of the flexibility of prosumers in short-term electricity markets taking into account the distribution grid and the corresponding regulatory issues.

Integrated Energy Systems research field

For the sustainable energy system of the future, the interplay between technologicalal innovations and energy management aspects is of great importance. The research portfolio of Integrated Energy Systems comprises techno-economic analyses, the use of flexibility in the electricity system, the development of business models and their effects on energy markets, regulatory framework conditions and sector coupling. "Research on integrated energy systems is very close to real market applications and will significantly advance the economically viable operation of a sustainable energy system. In my new role, I am looking forward to research projects with a substantial implementation impact, where all participants in the energy system, from the distribution grid operator to the end customer, will benefit," says Tara Esterl, Head of Competence Unit Integrated Energy Systems.

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