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Use of E-Call data in the context of traffic management

Data from cars, visualisation

Within the framework of the research project E-DIVER, the traffic-related benefit of E-Call data for traffic control centres will be estimated in order to identify and describe subsequent areas of application. Thus, the basic technical, functional and organisational feasibility of the transmission of event messages to the traffic control centre will be examined and the corresponding need for action derived. Organisational architectures and data protection as well as competition law aspects are at the centre of the considerations.A feasibility study is prepared based on the framework conditions determined. The implementation concept to be based on this will lay an essential foundation for the further use of E-Call data.


The project E-DIVER is carried out on behalf of the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) within the tender FE 03.0552/2016/IGB. Project partner: Rapp Trans