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Alternative drives and their energy supply

In addition to traffic avoidance and modal shift, decarbonization of transport requires improving existing and future transport through technological options. The goal of climate neutrality requires the use of alternative drive systems with renewable energy and the planning and implementation of suitable energy supplies.
The project AADE – Alternative Antriebe und deren Energieversorgung, investigates the future energy demand by traffic and transport and matches it with suitable solutions for energy supply. The innovation of the project thereby is the comprehensive consideration of developments and technologies from the traffic and energy sector, in order to provide resilient scenarios and models.
The project is addressing issues from several technical areas, such as the determination of traffic load and forecasts, shares of alternative drives in the transport sector, energy consumption modelling, hydrogen in the transport sector, and energy network planning and decentralized supply. For this purpose, comprehensive modelling of the local energy demand for the transport sector will be carried out in AADE, the corresponding requirements for the local energy supply infrastructure will be analysed, and necessary grid expansion will be identified.


Project goals

The main result of the project will be a knowledge base for planning the energy supply of transport with electricity and hydrogen along the transport corridors of Austria for infrastructure operators. Scenarios will be identified, computed and evaluated for both the energy demand assessment and solutions for energy supply.
These challenges require extensive competencies and previous work from the mobility and energy sectors, which are contributed by the project partners AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, HERRY Consult, the Environment Agency Austria (UBA), as well as the Energy Institute at the JKU Linz. Furthermore, the involvement of the contracting authorities and other stakeholders is of key importance. In particular, the project will discuss the scenarios and reflect on the recommendations for action with stakeholders from the transport and energy sectors.
AADE provides for the first time a common knowledge base for the infrastructure operators ÖBB and ASFINAG, as well as for the energy network operators, in order to plan corresponding measures for the energy supply of future traffic with alternative drives.



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