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Hybrid Storage for Efficient Processes - HyStEPs-IF

Two factors, i) the increase of the share of renewable energy sources in the grid and ii) the progressive decarbonisation, will require a drastic capacity increase of the thermal energy storage in existing industrial plants and processes in the future. A widespread and proven storage technology is the Ruths steam accumulator. It has been used for a long time in a variety of industries such as food, beverage, paper and metal industries. The aim of HyStEPs is to develop and experimentally test innovative hybrid storage concepts in order to increase the storage capacity of Ruths steam accumulators in operation up to 40 %.
The thermophysics laboratory is testing different novel phase change materials (PCM) to investigate the actual phase change enthalpies, the specific heat capacity and thermal expansion.

Start: 09/2018

Duration: 2 Years

More Information

: projekte.ffg.at/projekt/3093352