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Dedicated ten-print contactless fingerprint sensors

Touchless fingerprint recognition systems offer several advantages: they do not require contact between the fingers and any acquisition surface, thus offering an increased level of hygiene, usability, and user acceptability for fingerprint-based biometric technologies. The real-time capture process consists of the following steps: acquisition of high-resolution finger images and computation of contact-equivalent fingerprints, which can then be used for authentication.

Power plant operators, governmental entities and businesses benefit from the myriad of cyber-technology developments – whether addressing access control to critical infrastructures, governmental applications for driver’s licenses and health services, or business identification tools such as ATMs and e-commerce solutions. All these fields require easy-to-handle and highly secure identification and verification solutions. Today, fingerprint scanning has become a reliable form of biometric authentication in these areas. Our high-tech sensing unit allows new biometric identification and verification solutions and applications to be realized.

Video demonstration