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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Structural assessment and monitoring

Based on many years of experience, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is able to measure buildings and vibrations with the help of high-quality equipment and to create concepts with the appropriate limit values. In addition, AIT is an expert in building evaluation and structural health monitoring.

Vibration monitoring

When roads or railway lines are built, vibrations often occur which can massively impair adjacent structures and and their users. Continuous monitoring during the entire construction period guarantees both the infrastructure operator and the local residents smooth construction progress, since any vibration limit value violations can be reacted to immediately with a change in the construction process.

The AIT team is currently working on methods for recording the rail condition of trams directly during the ride via sensors on the rail vehicle.

  • Analysis of critical and vibration-induced structural conditions
  • Vibration monitoring of construction processes
  • Preservation of evidence through permanent measuring points
  • Accompanying engineering for construction projects
  • Condition detection of rails by onboard sensing

Building assessment and structural health monitoring

Safety analyses and condition assessments of existing buildings are among AIT's core topics in the field of structural dynamics. Essential structures and bridges can be surveyed by means of continuous monitoring to support building maintenance. A combination of different measurement methods using newly developed analysis algorithms is applied in this context. A special focus is on the in-depth analysis of the measurement data including measurement uncertainty, temperature compensation and material characteristics. This enables damage to be detected and repaired more effectively at an early stage in order to optimize the measures and thus also the life cycle costs in building maintenance. New measuring methods for condition monitoring are constantly being further developed and applied.

  • Construction monitoring and condition analysis
  • Model Updating with Inverse FEM Routines
  • Structural Health Monitoring (Patent AT 506324 B1 Method for predicting natural frequencies of buildings, Patent AT 506144 B1 Method for determining critical operating conditions)
  • Acquisition of the dynamic axle loads and evaluation of the load history
  • Probabilistic analysis algorithms and evaluation of reliability
  • Aerodynamic pressure load during train passes
  • Degradation and fatigue forecasts
  • Building assessment for extreme events and natural hazards (rock impact, earthquake, etc.)
  • In-situ measurement and calculation of static and dynamic component stress (noise barriers, roadway transitions, concrete roadway slabs, etc.)