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Operation of the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative’s Coordination & Support Office


The Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) is an initiative of the European Commission, as part of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan 2020.

The CCRI aims to support Europe’s green transition by boosting circularity at local and regional level and specifically targets EU cities and regions and supports them in improving circularity in their economic sectors, value chains and services.

To build capacity and drive economic growth, the CCRI works to boost collaboration, knowledge sharing, innovation, and upscaling, which are essential for making the circular economy more widespread and mainstream. The initiative also aims to share replicable best practices to help cities and regions find concrete Circular Systemic Solutions (CSS) that suit their own needs. Additionally, the CCRI also provides financial and technical support.

The CCRI-CSO is responsible for facilitating the implementation of the CCRI. Its international team of circular economy experts offers practical, tailor-made support to speed up circular economy implementation in cities and regions.


The CSO  

•        supports cooperation, synergies, and complementarities between the CCRI pilots and fellows, CCRI projects, associated partners and other relevant stakeholders.

•        assists the CCRI pilot cities and regions with the development of their CSS, as well as supporting good practice exchange and upscaling.

•        analyses the main research and innovation gaps, but also the main (policy, technical, regulatory) barriers and drivers to circular economy transition at local and regional scale, and providing policy recommendations to overcome them.

•        presents lessons learned from CCRI-CSO activities for further dissemination, communication and awareness raising activities.



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