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Saliva Diagnostics

Saliva diagnostics is an emerging field of molecular diagnostics that can offer major advantages over traditional blood or tissue-based approaches. Saliva contains a broad range of diagnostically relevant classes of molecules, such as methylated DNA, miRNA and antibodies. Driven by ever more sensitive detection technologies, measuring and quantifying of biomolecules in saliva can be used to diagnose systemic diseases and diseases elsewhere in the body.

The major advantage of saliva diagnostics is that collecting saliva samples is easy, absolutely painless and non-invasive. As a result, the use of saliva as a diagnostic medium will increase in fields such as screening for chronic and age-related diseases, point-of-care tests at the doctor’s office, and in therapy and home monitoring of chronic diseases.

Research services

  • Identification and validation of salivary biomarkers, therapy monitoring and manyother applications
  • Assay development for salivary samples, including preanalytical and analyticalprocedures
  • Bioinformatics expertise for data handling, data management and dataevaluation of saliva-based molecular diagnostic systems
  • Development of customized sensor elements and prototypes for salivadiagnostic solutions
  • System integration of customer assays and detection systems with AIT salivabiomarkers and vice versa; development of customized point-of-care systemprototypes for saliva diagnostics