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Mikro & Nano Technologie

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology offers services for the simulation, fabrication and characterization of micro- & nanotechnological structures and devices. Our laboratories are set up with state-of-the-art equipment. Our special expertise is based on the combination of semiconductor technology and thin film processes with innovative concepts of micro-, nano- and life sciences. We would be pleased to assist you in selecting the appropriate methods and processes for tackling your technical challenges.

Mikro & Nano Characterization

Scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy (SPM)    

Atomic (AFM), chemical (CFM), magnetic (MFM) force microscopy     

Imaging also possible in liquids

Scanning electron microscope (SEM)    

Scanning transmission electron (STEM) detector

Back scattered electron (BSE) detector

Surface profiler

4-points probe station    

Electrical measurements up to 20 GHz     

Magnetoresistance characterization

Electrochemical potentiostat    

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Optical setup for integrated optical waveguide devices


Mikro & Nano Fabrication

Material printer    

Printable materials: metals, resins, organic conductors, biofunctional inks, etc.

Substrates: polymers and metals (foil and bulk), glass, silicon, ceramics, paper, etc.

Magnetron Sputtering    

Precise deposition control for layer thicknesses 5nm - 1000nm

More than 30 different materials available: Metals, semiconductors, non-conductors

Multitarget system: for multilayers with up to eleven different materials


More than ten different materials available: metals and insulators

Electrochemical deposition of metals and semiconductors

Optical lithography

Electron-beam lithography

Argon ion etching

Wet chemical etching

Oxygen plasma ashing


Simulation and Modelling

Accurate simulation and modelling of a system is extremely important in R&D projects to evaluate the effect of different parameters before fabrication of the device.

We are your contact point for the following applications:

  •     Magnetic Systems
  •     Integrated-optical waveguides & photonic structures
  •     Optical systems
  •     Microfluidics