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Multimodal optimization of the traffic infrastructure by means of an information platform for parking space management

The road network in the metropolitan regions of Austria often exhibits congestion during rush hours, while additionally parking space is close to the limits of capacity in off-peak hours. To ensure an appropriate level of service, measures to increase road capacity as well as the reduction of traffic in general must be considered. One option is to shift passenger transport from road to rail, especially from monomodal trips using motorized private transport towards multi- or intermodal trips utilizing public transport. Therefore, multimodal hubs must be implemented. Ideally, already existing train stations will serve as such multimodal hubs, although in many cases they do not meet current user requirements and therefore do not promote multi- or intermodal trips.

The aim of the project MultimoOpt is to develop a holistic P+R management solution, which leads to an increasing share of non-motorized and public transport in the user’s modal split - at least for parts of their route. A prototype of this P+R management solution will be implemented and evaluated at a pilot site within the project, which aims to be transferable to additional sites.

To ensure a user-oriented design, the key factors in mode choice as well as appropriate information channels (apps, variable message signs, etc.) will be identified for different social groups based on a representative SP-off-RP survey (N=500). This is followed by a transport-model-based potential analysis to estimate the foreseeable demand to shift from road to rail (for a substantial part of the route). It is facilitated by the implementation of user-oriented multimodal hubs in spatial proximity to highways. The second part of MultimoOpt focuses on the development of an intuitive and user-friendly mobile software solution in the form of a smartphone app that considers the actual user requirements for different social groups. The app provides a status indication (free/full) and a reservation platform for parking space in P+R facilities at multimodal hubs and is linked to supplementary mobility services such as Scotty (ÖBB) and Unterwegs (Asfinag). In parallel, the necessary hardware equipment for the P+R facility will be specified and developed.

The result of MultimoOpt is a smart P+R management solution that meets contemporary user requirements. A prototype will be implemented at a selected pilot site during the project period and evaluated in real operation over a defined test period of several months.



The MultimoOpt solution is currently being tested in a pilot installation at Stockerau station, which will remain in operation for pilot users until 12 June 2020. Become part of an exciting research project and use the MultimoOpt App! You will benefit from real-time information and the free possibility to reserve parking spaces at Stockerau station. You can find the app here:


The "MultimoOpt" project is funded by BMK and FFG as part of the "Mobility of the Future" programme (MdZ - VIF 2017).