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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Joint Austrian In-flight Icing Research Venture 2020+

JOICE, the Joint Austrian In-Flight Icing Research Venture 2020+, is the Austrian flagship R&D project in the field of aircraft icing and is publicly co-funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG. One of the most important goals of JOICE is to combine and leverage the skills and competencies of the involved organizations in the area of aircraft in-flight icing. The technical activities in JOICE comprise the following:

  • Advancement of icing wind tunnel infrastructure
  • Execution of experiments in simulated icing conditions
  • Numerical simulation – primarily with the aid of in-house codes – of icing, anti-icing and de-icing processes
  • Development of ice protection systems (IPS), e.g. hybrid systems combining thermal and mechanical sub-systems as well as icephobic/superhydrophobic coatings
  • Documentation of icing tests with the aid of high-resolution optical methods including roughness evaluations of ice surfaces
  • Development of ice detection systems
  • High precision polymer-based replicas of ice shapes; these replicas can be used for high-accuracy measurements of ice-induced aerodynamic effects in ordinary aerodynamic wind tunnels

AIT focuses on the development of snow simulation models and tools and on extending the current icing simulation capabilities to the performance prediction of hybrid-IPS combining thermal and icephobic/superhydrophobic coatings.


Further information: https://www.project-joice.com/

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).