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xposure - 600 kHz Multi-Linescan CMOS Camera for Inline Inspection

xposure:camera is especially designed for high-speed inline-quality inspection. With in total 60 lines xposure:camera is much more than a high-speed linescan camera. Each of the 60 lines can be read out individually. One line (monochrome) can be captured with 600kHz and three lines (RGB) with 200kHz. All 60 lines can be captured at frame rates up to 10kHz.

xposure:camera offers single sensor multi-line-scan capabilities which opens unexpected capabilities for e.g. inline 3D surface analysis. Even more high-performance applications come into reach by adding for example computational imaging methods, which include correction of optical aberration, noise reduction, adaptive time delay integration (TDI) and dynamic range enhancement by employing multiple exposures. The xposure:camera is an enabler for a novel embedded network of smart high-performance cameras

  • line-scan mode with up to 600kHz
  • Areascan mode for easy mechanical adjustment
  • 40 GigE Vision Ethernet Standard (QSFP with 4 x 10 GBit/s Ethernet)
  • large high-end FPGA (Altera Arria 10 SOC with Linux OS) allows customizable pre-processing, protocols or interfaces
  • cascading of cameras to form a network of cameras
  • cascading of trigger and sync signals (1 camera can act as a master)
  • very compact due to using newest FlexPrint technologies with 10 GHz, thus flexible mounting and flexible camera housings possible
  • customized IO boards inside the camera possible with same dimensions (e.g. CameraLink (mini),machine inter faces, LED lighting control)