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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung


Fast and precise image rectification

Extremely high speed is characteristic of modern industrial production systems. These machines produce a vast number of products at ever-increasing speed. It is no longer imaginable to perform a manual visual inspection of the quality for each individual product. A camera-assisted computer system must take over this task.

Experts in high-performance image processing from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology are dealing successfully for many years with solutions to these ever-increasing challenges. The focus on practical problems of industries enables them to develop leading-edge technologies for high-performance inspection systems that are success at both national as well as international level.
Constantly increasing production rates make a perfect distortion-free positioning of every inspected product in front of the camera difficult. But for automatic inspection of products such as paper or plastic films it is essential to rectify distortions (due to flutter effects and of the material itself) to avoid random artifacts and pseudo-defects.


FlexInspect is a key technology for reliable optical inspection at high speeds and high resolutions

“FlexInspect” is an innovative method for fast and highly precise image registration. FlexInspect allows a quick and very accurate correction of geometric image distortions taking place in the optical quality inspection. Only then it is possible to perform detailed comparison against a "target template" in order to detect any undesirable production deviations.