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Modular Multiscale Modeling for Metal Additive layer Manufacturing

Simulation-driven lifetime prediction of additively manufactured components under consideration of microstructure-based process simulation. The project focuses on development of a virtual toolbox for a Through Process Modelling of a Direct Energy Deposition process including evolution of microstructure. The ultimate goal is prediction of a fatigue life for components considering the manufacturing history.

In M4AM, a novel, scale-bridging and multi-physical numerical scheme for the simulation of wire arc additive manufacturing processes will be implemented. The simulations will be systematically verified over the entire industrial process chain up to the lifetime evaluation for additive manufactured components. The project will create a benchmark for holistic numerical simulation of Additive Manufacturing, including microstructure development, residual stresses/strains and defects, especially for a process to realize large metallic structures (>0,5 meter in size). The project aims to combine the prediction of material properties using simulations with the experimental results from investigations of mechanical and microstructural analysis.

Within the project a target is to establish a research cooperation with the Australian partner RMIT and following to this business relationship with Australian companies.



  • M4AMModular Multiscale Modeling for Metal Additive layer Manufacturing
  • Programme: Beyond Europe 3rd Call
  • Funding Agency: FFG
  • Duration of Project: 12/2019 – 11/2021
  • Projectcoordination: RHP-Technology GmbH


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