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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Bulk Metal Forming

Bulk forming processes such as forging, extrusion and rolling are key processes of modern industrial manufacturing. Especially for structural components and safety-critical applications, forming components are essential due to their reliable mechanical properties.  Even though these forming processes are industrial standard, high-quality parts can only be produced with thorough material and process know-how.

AIT has been extruding and forging aluminium and magnesium alloys on a semi-industrial scale for many years. By providing the entire process chain on site, a holistic analysis of the process chain can be done, starting from the casting of the stock material, subsequent forming processes and heat treatments to the concluding material testing and analysis. The mechanical properties of the produced components are tested, the process parameters are optimized and accompanying forming simulations or even microstructure modelling is done by the experts in house.

Our Services

  • Semi-industrial production of
    • extruded solid and hollow profiles
    • forged components
  • Material and process analyses for Al and Mg alloys
  • Support with bulk forming processes in technological as well as scientific capacity