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Material Testing and Characterisation

Material and Process Analysis at the LKR Ranshofen

From Micro to Macro

Using modern methods, the LKR offers a complete spectrum of microstructure, material and process characterization procedures.



Mechanical Materials Testing

  • tensile testing machine ZWICK 100 kN
  • tensile testing machine ZWICK 250 kN
  • Pendulum machine
  • Hardness tester for Brinell
  • Vickers & Rockwell

DSC – Differential Thermal Analysis

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Fatigue Strength Testing

Fracture mechanics and fatique behaviour

  • Resonant testing machine 100 kN
  • Resonant testing machine 20 kN
  • Pendulum machine HIT25P


Macro- and Microscopic Microstructure Examinations

  • light microscope
  • stereomicroscope
  • microhardness

Fieldemission Scanning Electron Microscope

  • Metallographic investigations
  • Damage analysis
  • Phase identification
  • Dispersoid quantification
  • Texture analysis by EBSD

Analysis and test methods

Researchteam test center