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Surface characterisation

Determination of surface topography, hardness and local chemical composition

  • Non-destructive determination of surface topography and roughness
  • Determination of the surface hardness
  • EDX analysis of surfaces or analysis of surface contaminations

Surface topography of a rough surface

Our Services

  • Roughness measurement according to different standards (e.g. ISO 25178)
  • Topography measurement and documentation of surface changes due to forming processes, abrasive surface treatment or corrosion attack
  • Contour and shape analysis of smaller components (2D or also 3D)
  • Determination of surface hardness according to Vickers (EN 6507)
  • Detection of surface defects
  • Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy of metallic surfaces

Evaluation of surface defects

Technical Data

Confocal microscope

  • Manufacturer: Mahr
  • Resolution: up to 2 nm (vertical)
  • Max. specimen height (z direction): 70 mm
  • Measuring path (x and y direction): 50 x 50 mm

Hardness testing machine

  • Manufacturer: EMCO Test
  • Test method: Vickers
  • Range of test load: 0,25g to 62,5 kg
  • Measuring path (x and y direction): 150 x 150 mm

Scanning electron microscope

  • Manufacturer: Tescan
  • Electron source: Schottky Feldemissionsquelle
  • EDX detector: EDAX Octane Elect