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Real-time wireless channel emulation

Wireless communication links are a fundamental aspect of networked autonomous vehicles on rail, road and in the air. In this scenario, wireless communication takes place between machines and therefore requires completely novel properties from the communication system, such as short latency, a defined error probability, an interface to control algorithms and high reliability in demanding environments.


Repeatable tests for networked vehicle assistance systems

During communication between vehicles (V2V and V2X), the dispersion of the radio signal varies in Doppler and time delay as well as the received field strength, thus leading to different data packet error rates (PER). This process is determined by the environment of the communication link and the position of the transmitter and receiver. For repeatable testing of networked vehicles, we offer a new class of real-time radio channel emulation. The AIT channel emulator allows repeatable performance tests to be carried out in a laboratory environment, thus avoiding costly and time-consuming road tests. AIT's dynamic channel emulator can be coupled with vehicle kinematics simulations such as IPG CarMarker to update the coordinates and speed of the vehicles in question in real time. AIT's dynamic real-time channel emulator is independent of the communication technology used and supports IEEE 802.11p (ITS G5, WAVE), LTE-Vehicular (PC5 Sidelink), 5G Vehicular as well as future 6G standards.

Further Information

Factsheet Dynamic Vehicular Channel Emulation